About Unmanned Solution

Unmanned Solution is positioned at the center of global mobility as the expert company of self-driving solution that solely possesses both hardware and software technology of self-driving solution in South Korea.

We have been focusing on the independent technology development for the development of self-driving technology in South Korea and foreign countries since 2008 and are willing to lead the development of the industries that apply various self-driving technology through the development of standardized mobility platform that full self-driving technology can be applied to.

Unmanned Solution will lead the innovation of self-driving mobility in various fields ranging from the advanced transportation to logistics and agriculture so that the people around the world can enjoy the more convenient life with the advanced technology.


Our Vision

Unmanned Solution will open the more convenient future by developing self-driving mobility that is used in all industries
such as logistics and agriculture as well as self-driving transportation in the cities.



Self-driving public transportation grafted
by state-of-the art technology is capable
of solving various social problems such as
traffic jam in downtown and environmental pollution and supporting self-driving public
transportation service on-demand that can respond to various needs of future society.


Self-driving logistics robot that is capable of
unmanned operation for 24 hours a day can
deal with insufficient manpower matter
caused by rapid need for delivery, raising the
efficiency of logistics center and solve the
various social problems such as improvement of fuel efficiency and reduction
of carbon


Self-driving agricultural machines applied by state-of-the art technology can solve the
social problems such as rural aging, decline
of rural population and rural exodus, proceed with the works against wide farmland quickly and easily, produce and secure the food
efficiently with real time monitoring.