IBEO LUX 2010  

Outdoor / Long Range  



The ibeo sensors are the perfect basis for sophisticated and reliable automotive applications.

They offer all the benefits of scanning LIDAR systems, are multi-application, weather proof
and at the same time unbelievably compact.

The ibeo LUX is a real all-rounder for use in urban traffic and on the motorway. From the ACC application to pedestrian protection. ibeo LUX sensors work accurately and reliably even at high speeds, in poor weather conditions and heavy traffic.


Size : 164.5 × 93.2 x 88 mm (L x W x H)

Weight : -





High field of view up to 200 m
All-weather capability thanks to ibeo multi-echo technology

Object tracking (embedded data processing)
Wide horizontal field of vision




Field of view  

2 layers 110°

4 layers 85°

Multi layer   4 scanning layers

Scanning frequency

12.5 / 25 / 50 Hz

Angular resolutio

0.125 °

Operating Range

200 m


RS-232, Ethernet, CAN

Operating voltage

9 - 27 V DC  

Power consumption 8 W (average), < 10 W (max)  
Enclosure rating
IP 68